Tips On Setting Up Your Swimming Pool

Tips On Setting Up Your Swimming Pool

Top 10 Handy Tips On Setting Up Your Pool

Summer is just around the corner! So so now is the optimum time for the Bestway Pools team to share their most useful hints and tips for setting up your above ground pool for the coming season!

1. Keep Your Owners Manual Handy

Reading instructions usually fills people with dread, but setting up will be so much easier if you have your manual to hand, especially if your setting up for the first time! You can also check out some pretty handy video tutorials by following the link.

2. Choose a Level Area

It is important that the area in which you position your pool in is level and flat and within easy access of both a water point and a grounded socket for the filter pump/ pool heater. Uneven surfaces could put pressure on the floor of the pool which could result in tears and punctures in the liner. If the pool is placed on a sloping surface (even a slight slope) then the weight of the water will be stacked against the lowest wall and could cause bulging and warping of the pool; the added pressure could again cause punctures and burst seams. If in doubt, check with a spirit level before inflating/ assembling and filling your pool.

Note: Also consider the room that things like pumps and ladders will take up when picking a suitable area.

Tips On Setting Up Your Swimming Pool

Tips On Setting Up Your Swimming Pool

3. Clear Away Sharp Objects and Debris

Clear the area of any sharp objects like rocks or twigs, also consider nearby shrubs, fences and other objects that could be problematic. Marking out the area that the pool will sit before inflation/ assembly is highly recommended as this will give you a clearer idea of the suitability of the area.

Note: A floor protector or a ground cloth is a good investment and will help further protect the bottom of your pool from wear and tear caused by hard surfaces

4. Use a Windbreak to Help Reduce Heating Costs

Placing your pool near a natural wind break (nothing sharp!) can help reduce your heating costs over the season by reducing wind exposure.

5. Drainage

It might sound obvious but it is a good idea to position your pool where there is a good amount of drainage. Not only will this help with the task of changing your water or preparing for the end of the season, but can help make sure you’re prepared just in case your pool springs a leak. Accidents happen after all!

Make sure your drainage plan is better than this!

Note: A Pool & Drain Water Pump is more effective (although admittedly less hilarious) than a 4×4 at draining your pool water!

Tips On Setting Up Your Swimming Pool

Tips On Setting Up Your Swimming Pool

6. Keep an Eye Out for Overhanging Branches.

If your Pool is positioned underneath a large branch there is a good chance you’ll end up with bits of tree and leaves in your water! Annoying for one thing and it can cause problems with filtration. Falling bits of tree could pose a health risk to yourself and others in the pool; insects like gnats also have a tendency to congregate under trees so to avoid being covered in bites, try and avoid placing your pool directly under large overhanging branches.

Note: Using a pool cover can save you time and money on maintenance when it comes to dealing debis.

7. Stock up on Chemicals Before You Fill Up!

Making sure you have everything you need to maintain your water once you set up your pool will save you much time and stress when it comes to setting up. It’s pretty frustrating after spending the time selecting the perfect area and taking all the effort in assembling everything only to find out you’re out of chemicals! A Clearwater Chemical Starter Kit is has everything to get you up and running for the season as far as water treatment goes! Be sure you have enough filter cartridges for regular replacement; a clean filter is an efficient filter!

Note: Cleaning/ rinsing of your filter cartridges after each use will help increase their efficiency.

8. Avoid Using an Air Compressor or Extension Cable

If your pool requires inflation (Fast Set) then avoid over inflation as once the water is in the pool the added pressure could cause the upper ring to rupture. NEVER plug your pump or heater into an extension cable, we strongly recommend against this as it can lead to a potential safety issue, especially as a fire hazard as many extension cables are not up to suitable specification!

Note: When it comes to filling your pool avoid overfilling as this can cause added pressure on the walls of the pool and may result in liner failure.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

9. Take Note of the Air Temperature!

As a rule of thumb, don’t set up your pool or store it away in any environment if /when the ambient temperature drops lower than 4şC (40şF). This is because there is always the risk of water freezing inside the pump and pool, causing irreparable damage. Swimming in cold water is not nice and running a heater in cold weather will cost much more!

10. For Additional Help Contact Our After sales Team!

If, in the unlikely event you encounter any problems during the set up process; you can contact our dedicated After sales Team who will be more than happy to help!

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