Tips For Maintaining and Cleaning Swimming Pool Filter Pumps

Tips For Maintaining & Cleaning Swimming Pool Filter Pumps

5 Tips For Maintaining & Cleaning Filter Pumps

Filtration is a critical part of maintaining a health swimming environment in any pool so making sure you carry out regular maintenance on your pool pump will ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises when you come to use your pool. To help with this task the Pools team have come up with these top tips to help maintaining your pool pump as stress free and easy as possible.

1. Make sure you have plenty of replacement cartridges

Filter cartridges need to be replaced regularly to allow the pump to operate efficiently and help keep your water free of impurities. We recommend you change your filter cartridges at the very least every 2 weeks. More frequent use of your pool will require more frequent changes of your filter cartridges. Make sure that you know the correct type of cartridge your filter pump requires before purchasing.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Note: if you have a sand filter then this information will not apply directly to your product as sand filters have their own maintenance requirements. The silica sand used for filtration usually lasts for around four to six years before needing replacement. For more information refer to your user’s manual.

2. Clean your filter cartridges after each use

Operating the pump with a heavily soiled filter pump will allow for more and more impurities to enter your water, making it a breeding ground for germs and other microorganisms. It can also clog up the pump and cause it to malfunction which may result in pump failure. Rinsing out your filter with a garden hose after each use will not only make sure that fewer nasties end up in your water but can also help prolong the life of the filter cartridge.

Note: Even with regular rinsing we still recommend a change of cartridge at least every 2 weeks.

3. Check cartridges regularly for wear and tear

As with rinsing make sure you inspect your filter cartridges regularly for signs of wear and tear. Rips in the cartridge won’t just make the filter less efficient but there is also the risk of bits of filter breaking off and getting lodged into the filters mechanics.

4. Clean the filter pump housing regularly

With regular rinsing and replacement of cartridges, you shouldn’t have to rinse your filter housing out too often. If you feel the need to give it a rinse out then you can follow these simple steps to make sure you give it the most thorough clean possible.

– Loosen the hose clamps on the inlets and outlets of your pool. Remove the debris screens and replace them with the stopper plugs that came with your pool.

– Remove the cap retainer, filter cap and filter cartridge from the pump before detaching the hoses. The hoses should now be completely disconnected from the pool and pump.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

– Now that it’s detached you can give the pump a wipe with an absorbent cloth or use a wet/dry vacuum to clear out any loose debris.

– Take the opportunity to ‘flush out’ the filter pump hoses by blasting a powerful jet of water through each one. This can be done using a standard garden hose.

Check out the set up video below: For a detailed set up of your exact model refer to your user manual.

For sand filter users, cleaning the filter requires backwashing. This should only need doing on average once a month (depending on the regularity of usage). To backwash the system, follow the steps below.

– Turn the control valve to the closed function and disconnect the inlet hose from the pool and pump. Screw a stopper cap to the pool inlet and thread a locking ring onto the open port of the pump.

– Connect one end of the detached hose to the filter pump ‘D’ port. Place the other end of the pump near a suitable drainage area.

– Turn the control valve to the backwash setting. Water inside the sand bed will gush out into the drainage area along with the majority of trapped dirt and debris.

– As soon as the water runs clear, turn the control valve to the rinse function. Switch on the sand filter and run for about a minute. This will draw water out of the pool, through the pump, out of the ‘D’ port and into the drainage area.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

– With the filter backwashed and rinsed it’s time to turn off the control valve and top your pool up to the correct water level. Finally, turn the control valve to the filter function to complete the process.

Check out the video below for reference. for a more detailed set up refer to your user manual.

5. Make sure your water is treated regularly

Using a filter is only part of the battle in maintaining healthy swimming water; if you don’t test and treat your water regularly then your pump won’t be nearly as effective at removing impurities out of the water; and that can lead to a whole host of problems! For more information on water maintenance refer to our Pool Chemical Guide.

For quick and easy water maintenance we recommend using a Clearwater Starter Kitas it has all the basics for testing and treating your pool water.

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